bubble card

At Eco&Dive we want to reward the trust you place in us. Therefore, with each course you will accumulate loyalty points that you can exchange for discounts on future experiences with us.

For every 1€
you buy on our website

we give you
1 Bubble Point

For every 20 Bubbles points
accumulated by shopping on our website

we give you
1€ discount on online purchases on our website.

That means that if you have 500 Bubbles points you will get a discount of 25€ on your next purchases.

Extra Bubbles points

We give you 10 extra Bubbles points if you register on our website and another 10 points if you leave us a review after enjoying a course with us.

Connect with your essence, Feel the Ocean.

Eco&Dive was born from the passion of a group of instructors passionate about the sea and its protection.

By getting to know the environment you will connect with that part of you linked to nature, where relaxation, fascination and fun accompany you at all times.

Diving will bring you great satisfaction from places where only few people can be.

We want to do our bit through civic awareness.